Sky2.0 Dubai Club: The Rising of Sky2.0 Dubai Club

The nightlife scene in Dubai has never been more exciting until the notable and prominent bar of Beirut made its way to Dubai! Sky2.0 Dubai Club is a brand-new pub that is all set to be the next big thing on the golden city’s nightlife scene.

With its quirky architectural concept, the design is made to stand-out among others. The posh pub has a spacious and massive venue that can house people up to 2,500 guests. Wisely located at the heart of Dubai Design District, its UFO-shaped dome entices people of any status with its sleek and lavish design that you’ll never see anywhere else in Dubai. Moreover, taking advantage of its unique location, the venue has a backdrop of panoramic views of the Dubai Skyline.

Majestic and Refreshing View

SKY2.0 Dubai club is a revolutionary standalone nightclub brought to you by the dedicated team of Sky Management. It mirrors the golden city’s renowned cheerful and welcoming vibe. The venue is not only a place to party but also a fine place where you can dine in with flavorful food at affordable prices. Moreover, the open-air design lets you enjoy a fantastic night under the starry sky in the city of gold.

History Overview

SKYBAR Beirut is the most recommended bar in Lebanon if you want a party that’s beyond the norm. Famous for its sleepless nights and never-dropping energy, the city has been nominated for the “Best Bar in the World.” Both local and foreign guests have gathered in the pub to experience one of the best nights of their life. With its iconic nights and trendy design, SKYBAR has become an instant hit in no time.

Chafic El Khazen, CEO of Sky Management dreamt to bring the same atmosphere and vibe to Dubai; thus, revolutionizing the nightlife scene in the golden city and offers first-class service to all of the guests for unforgettable evenings that undeniably turn into lovely mornings.

The Dubai’s Version of Sleepless Nights

Since the opening last year 13th of March 2019, the place has been packed with people looking to escape reality and just think of nothing but have a good time to party. Sky2.0 Dubai is open three times a week with its iconic nights set to deliver a fine service whilst chilling, making friends and at the same time having a good time. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the party dome hosts different themes every night that guarantees an excellent party atmosphere accompanied by fun-filled entertainment from the professional performers that can make you in awe by their stellar set of performances all throughout the night.

Sky2.0 Dubai Club is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies such as big 3D screens, mega-powerful audio and visual technologies and other exciting effects that can greatly add to the vibrant life of the party. With its trademark of jaw-dropping lightshows and entertainment as well as the topnotch service, we guarantee to provide you a VIP experience without a glitch.

Generosity, humility, equality, respect and fairness are the principles of the Sky Management. Nightlife in Dubai is indeed the most amazing experience you look forward to having. So, make a reservation today and your night is guaranteed to be not just good, but the best.