Premium Ladies Night Dubai has to Offer

There is nothing better than having good food whilst enjoying the night with the girl squad. A lot of bars and clubs have allotted a night for the ladies to enjoy and Sky2.0 has made the ladies night Dubai extra special. Located at the glitzy, avant-garde Dubai Design District, Sky 2.0 brings you the ultimate DSTRKT Wednesday theme and the special night for the ladies.

In this blog post, we share with you the 5 W’s and 1 H of Sky2.0’s ladies night Dubai experience.

What’s Up?

Enjoy ecstatic and vibrant music under the starry skies of Dubai. Powered with eccentric state-of-the-art audio and visual displays, pumped up your night with the best treats to your stress – party and freebies!

Sky2.0 launches the best ladies night Dubai has to offer! With its 6 hours free and unlimited drinks such as hops and grapes, your mouth will surely never run dry. In addition, with the finest DJs playing trendy and great music mixes, your feet will keep you on the dance floor and your night will never be a boring one!

When is the Party?

The crazy party starts Wednesday to Friday from 10 pm till the break of the dawn! Each night has a different theme, offering a blasting party experience that is open to all!

Where is the Venue?

Located at the heart of D3; the only UFO-shaped dome in the area. Sky2.0 Dubai ensures to give off the city’s festive vibe whilst welcoming the cultural diversity with stellar service and superb food and beverage selection for nights that you will never forget.

Why Sky2.0 Dubai?

Sky2.0 aims to give you the glitz and glam of a party, so the management has managed to consider all your party needs; thus, presenting you the Dubai’s version of Beirut’s infamous sleepless nights that you won’t regret!

This unique yet jaw-dropping venue will take your party to the next level! Aside from giving you the party of your life, the service as well is a sure gold; therefore, making this party spot one of Dubai’s finest and entertaining in the nightlife scenes.

Who can Come?

Everyone is welcome to and experience the best outdoor party and fun under the beautiful night sky of Dubai.  Just be sure to wear proper clothing and be aware of the dress code. Anything smart and casual will do.

How to Enter the Club?

Give us a call on +971 52 95 777 91 and we will save you a table that suits your need. Reservation starts 12:00 PM TILL 10:00 PM.  Alternatively, you can reach Sky2.0 Dubai via email and make a reservation right away before the spot runs out!

Sky2.0 Dubai has been the favorite hangout place of people who want to get rid of stress and just want to have a good night. The venue is packed with pure entertainment with great atmosphere whilst jamming with vibrant music. If you are in the search of the best Dubai nightclub, look no further, Sky2.0 is the place to be. Experience a fun-filled club that’s full of surprises!